Noise abatement methods at Malmi

According to feedback from citizens, the apartment house area of Laajasalo and Yliskylä, located between the waypoints NOKKA and RASTI, seems to experience more noise-related stress than usual. As the waypoints are presently one-way depending on the runway in use, it is recommended that no “shortcuts” are taken when flying west from Rasti or east from Nokka. The same applies to traffic towards Rasti from the west and towards Nokka from the east.

We ask pilots to avoid flying over Laajasalo area and to go around it on the sea side when possible. Many are doing so already, but this practice is not necessarily known to everyone.

The area to be avoided is indicated on the map below in red, and the recommended routes with green lines. Please observe Santahamina’s R64A zone when it is active.

In general, repeated flying over inhabited areas should be avoided when possible for noise abatement reasons.