Active aviation operations in the beginning of the year

The operations at Malmi Airport have remained at the level of the previous years. 

With the end of February approaching, the activity of aviation operations has remained at the level of the previous years. In January 2020 there were a total of 1191 operations at Malmi Airport, which is slightly more than in the comparative period in 2018. This is a splendid achievement taking into account that the weather has not been very favorable to aviation in the early part of the year.

Operations in January 2020

Take-offs Landings Touch-and-gos Total
309 317 565 1 191

Even though the City’s decision to terminate the land lease of the Association has been challenged and awaits processing in district court, the airfield’s operating license and environmental permit are valid, making it possible to continue the operations.

Without delay at the beginning of the year, the City of Helsinki filed an application for precautionary measures to the district court in order to take over the leased area and immediately cease flight operations. The district court dismissed all of the city’s claims on Feb. 11 and at the same time revoked a temporary precautionary measure previously imposed without consulting the Association. Following the decision of the district court, the 142.000 euros ordered to be seized have been returned to the Association.

Only about 39 hectares of the area of Malmi Airport have been leased to the Association for the purpose of operating the airfield. The rest of the area is reserved by the city e.g. for public events, and in recent years the field has seen events from several organizers. As a general rule, the events have no effect on flight operations and the activities have been well coordinated through discussion. We will be announcing this year’s events on our website as we receive information on upcoming events. Whenever necessary, information on events affecting flight operations is also published through the official aeronautical information service.

As the weather improves towards spring and the flying season gets underway, it is a good idea to review the operating instructions on the Association’s website. You can also see current information about the condition of the field in the information box on the front page, and more information can be obtained from the field attendant by phone. Remember that when performing night flight operations, the field attendant must be present, so please make a PPR request in time for night flights.

Have a nice flying season!

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