Membership Fee

Malmi Airfield Association’s membership fee is 150 € per calendar year (2021).

The membership fee entitles to membership of the Association for one calendar year.

The membership fee is the same for individual and community members. Individual members are exempt from the landing fee charged from the pilot-in-command.

Other pilots-in-command are charged for using the aerodrome as per the current tariff.

Traffic circuit fee

Traffic circuit fee: 10 € / 20 min

Flying in the traffic circuit requires a mandatory reservation of a traffic circuit slot for all aircraft. No more than two aircraft may fly in the traffic circuit at a time. Traffic circuit slots can be reserved within availability. The reservation must be paid if it hasn’t been cancelled at latest 15 minutes before the reserved time. If needed, the Association may restrict the maximum number of open reservations per aircraft or pilot-in-command.

Landing fees for 2021

The landing fee consists of two parts: the aircraft landing fee and the pilot-in-command’s landing fee.

Aircraft landing fee

MTOW Price
2000 kg or less 37 €
2001–3000 kg 52 €
3001–4000 kg 60 €
4001–5700 kg 75 €

The per-aircraft landing fee applies to aircraft without a valid season card for Malmi Aerodrome. 24 hours of parking on the apron is included in the landing fee.

Pilot-in-command’s landing fee 15 €

The pilot-in-command’s landing fee applies to persons who aren’t members of the Airfield Association.

Domicile fee (season card)

The aircraft-specific season card entitles the aircraft to operate at Malmi Aerodrome. Aircraft with a season card are exempt from the per-aircraft landing and parking fees. The season card tariff is on the season card order page.

Aircraft storage

Parking fee 10 € / beginning day

Charged from aircraft without a valid season card. The first day is included in the per-aircraft landing fee.

Parking with power outlet 450 € / year and 20 € / day

The parking fee is included in the price of the power outlet.

General conditions

The Malmi Airfield Association will take care of aerodrome maintenance, and will do its best to keep the aerodrome operational. Maintenance may at times be restricted, and the aerodrome may at times be completely closed due to e.g. exceptional weather conditions. The tenancy agreement made with City of Helsinki also makes it possible to use the aerodrome to purposes other than aviation at times. The Association assumes no responsibility of damages due to lacking aerodrome maintenance or to breaks in service.