The beautiful spring weather kickstarted the flying season

Today on Sunday, March 8, 2020, there was spring in the air at Malmi. The flight activity was really lively on a beautiful spring day: during the day a total of no less than 180 flight operations were logged at Helsinki-Malmi Airport. Apparently, the pilot training activities have started quickly, as a total of 75 touch-and-gos were made in a short time. Even one examination flight for a pilot’s license was approved today, congratulations to the new pilot!

The busy day ended in a beautiful and peaceful spring evening. The magnificent terminal building of Malmi Airport was perfectly reflected from the surface of a puddle of water in a beautiful pastel-toned light. Towards spring, we welcome all aviators to fly to Malmi and everyone else interested to come explore the airfield and enjoy a good lunch or a cup of coffee at the terminal restaurant.

Happy spring to all and welcome to Malmi!


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