Night time operations at Malmi

Winter is slowly coming to Malmi, meaning that the evenings & mornings are getting darker, making night flying possible. The permission to operate the airfield and national rules state that we have to have a person at the airfield during night time to operate lights etc. Although we are trying our best, unfortunately we cannot guarantee this for every day. Therefore you must make sure that the duty officer is present if you plan to operate during night time. If your PPR request departure or arrival time is close to or at night time, the PPR must be approved by calling the duty officer number – unless the system gives you approved PPR directly.

So pay attention what the PPR response shows after submitting the request. When asked to call, validating the request via phone you can make sure there is someone at the field to operate the lights for you and make flying safe.

We also wish that you submit your night time PPR requests at least two hours before your estimated departure or arrival time. This way the duty officer can estimate the night operations at the airfield with better precision. Please remember to cancel your PPR if the flight does not happen as planned.