PPR Request

Prior permission is required for take-offs and landings. Please make a prior permission request (PPR) here.

A PPR is made on the day of the flight using this form. After filling it in you will get your permission by calling the aerodrome duty officer (tel. +358 20 7545 129). Please note that the number has changed on 1 January 2017.

If you make a local flight, apply for both permissions with the same form by filling in the departure and arrival times.

A web app is under development for making things much easier.

Aerodrome Info

Updated 24 MAR 2017 12:23 LT

  • EFHF ATIS 122.700 U/S. AWS-METAR (ILHF) available at http://www.ilmailusaa.fi. ATIS EFHK 135.075 (ARR) 114.200 (DEP).
  • RWY Condition: Good
  • TWY Condition: Good, occasional water patches
  • APN Condition: Medium, water patches
  • Part of the TWY Lights near K, L, M and on APN 1 U/S.
  • During winter season CONFIRM RWY availability / condition.
  • Night time PPR requests minimum two hours before the flight.
  • Preferred RWY 36

Contact duty officer at +358 20 7545 129 for more information.

Helsinki-Malmin lentoasema

Welcome to Helsinki-Malmi Airport

Helsinki-Malmi is the busiest general aviation airport in Finland. The Malmi Airfield Association is a non-profit organization operating Malmi Aerodrome as of 1 January 2017.

Non-profit organizations of Malmi Aerodrome and several companies in aviation and other branches are behind the association.

The Association’s work is funded by membership fees and season card fees. The Association needs both full members and supporting members to finance its activity.

Be involved in continuing Malmi’s aviation activities and join as a member!