PPR Request

Prior permission is required for take-offs and landings. Make a prior permission request here on day of flight.

Traffic Circuit Slot

Make your PPR request first, then the TC slot reservation. Price 10 € / 20 minute slot.

Aerodrome Info

Updated 27 FEB 2021 22:48 LT

  • All international flights require special border crossing permit from the Finnish Border Guard. For more information: www.raja.fi/en
  • Preferred runway: RWY
  • NOTE - Runway clear and dry, parts of Apron and TWYs covered with ice and water ponds. Deep water ponds at J and eastern parts of apron 1.
  • NOTE - All low wing aicrafts use caution at D as there are high snowbanks on both sides at holding point D.
  • CAUTION: During the nightime runway lights are covered by snowbanks and may not be fully visible.
  • CAUTION: A moving crane is operated close to RWY 36 threshold dumping snow. The max height of the crane boom is 15 m above ground and its lighted.

Contact duty officer at +358 20 7545 129 for more information.

Remember to close your flight plan: ACC tel. +358 3 386 5172.


Helsinki Malmi lentokenttä
AWS ILHF 281740Z AUTO 00000KT CAVOK 01/M01 Q1021=

Helsinki-Malmin lentoasema

Welcome to Helsinki-Malmi Airport

Helsinki-Malmi is the busiest general aviation airport in Finland, operated by Malmi Airfield Association.

Behind the association are organizations, companies and persons operating at the Malmi Airport.

The Association’s work is funded by membership fees and season card fees. The Association needs both full members and supporting members to finance its activity.

Be involved in continuing Malmi’s aviation activities and join as a member!