Weather services changing at Malmi

Changes will be made to Helsinki-Malmi’s weather observation equipment from 6 to 8 March 2017, affecting the METAR and TAF weather information of Malmi and the ATIS transmission. From 6 to 8 March the weather observation equipment at Malmi will be completely or partially inoperative, and e.g. the wind direction can only be obtained by observing the windsock.

The present EFHF METAR and TAF will be discontinued. They will be replaced by AWS-METAR, which is to be added to the Meteorological Institute’s aviation weather page as soon as possible. The identification code of the new AWS-METAR is ILHF.

The ATIS transmission will also go silent for a while. The Association is working to get ATIS back in operation as soon as possible.

During the break, the nearest weather observations are available from Helsinki-Vantaa METAR (EFHK) and Kumpula AWS-METAR (ILZD). In the future, the nearest airport offering TAF will be Helsinki-Vantaa. It is good to remember, though, that the weather conditions at Helsinki-Vantaa and Malmi can differ substantially.