Aviation at Malmi to continue at least until 2019

The Malmi Airfield Association and City of Helsinki signed today a tenancy contract concerning the land area of Malmi Aerodrome for 2017-2019.  The signed contract seals the long negotiations between the parties and makes possible the uninterrupted continuation of aviation activities when the year changes. 

The Airfield Association continues as the operator of Malmi Aerodrome after Finavia withdraws its services at the end of the year. In the future, Malmi Aerodrome will be an uncontrolled aerodrome without air traffic control services.

One runway will remain to serve aviation at Malmi

City of Helsinki lets to the Malmi Airfield Association an area of about 39 hectares in the western half of the aerodrome. This includes the north-south main runway, which will remain in aviation use. The west-east runway will be closed.

Aviators, companies operating at the aerodrome and people living nearby are very satisfied with the new agreement. The major part of Finnish general aviation is flown from Malmi Aerodrome.  Almost half of Finnish pilot’s license holders live in Uusimaa region. Malmi is the home airfield of a large number of pilots and the only airfield in the Finnish capital.

The agreement makes it also possible to use the area in a versatile manner to serve various kinds of events, enriching city culture. “Collaboration between the various operators has been excellent, and there has been plenty of goodwill from all sides”, says Malmi Airfield Association’s Chairman Niko Lamberg. “Thanks are also due to the authorities and to Finavia for their flexible collaboration that has made this agreement possible.”

The Malmi Airfield Association was founded on 1 September 2016 and is based in Helsinki. The Association operates Helsinki-Malmi Aerodrome and keeps up the prerequisites of general aviation there.

More information: 
Niko Lamberg, Chairman
Malmi Airfield Association
+358 50 522 7535